How can i protect my PC?

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Jul 26, 2006
  1. I want a firewall, antivirus, spyware, maleware, and many more security softwares that are top notch...I need help - I don't know which softwares are good or bad for Home and business PC...

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  4. Sygate Personal Firewall is also a good, basic comprehensive firewall, where as the Zone Alarm firewall is more flashy.
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    proactive vs reactive

    protection comes is two flavors: proactive and reactive.
    all AV software is reactive; you got the bug and now need to deal with it.
    proactive protection are things like a router and a good firewall.
    these 'immunize' the system from catching the bugs in the first place :giddy:

    the last issue is the naive user; he/she that clicks any/everything

    once the browser has access to web pages and the email system starts receiving,
    your system is actually inviting inputs to your system -- some good, some bad.
    at this point, your first line of defense is a GOOD USER and then a
    good AV system to scan downloads.
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    Thak you all for your reply and help....

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