How can i replace a in-use file with CMD or batch..??

By Deviouz
Feb 20, 2007
  1. How can i replace an in-use file such as the shell32.dll file with CMD or batch..??
    using XP Pro.
  2. ---agissi---

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    You can boot into safemode and then replace it in CMD (copy shell32.dll C:\windows\system32\shell32.dll) and that'll replace it since it wont be in use.

    Or you can go start > run > cmd > and type in tasklist. Then find the process shell32.dll, and type in taskkill /im shell32.dll /t /f and that should terminate the process and any other ones it started. "shell32.dll" would need to be the process name otherwise it wont end. Then replace it with CMD.
  3. Deviouz

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    shell32.dll is not a process though .. so that last way doesn't seem to work..
    is there any other way i can do this without using a 3rd party app or booting into safe mode at all..??
  4. Rick

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    It sounds like you want results without any hard work? :p

    If you don't boot into safe mode, even if you manage to alter shell32.dll, Windows File Protection will restore the old copy over it again. Shell32 is something you can alter and even delete if you'd like. You must have a program open that is using it, so end ALL of the programs you can through Task Manager and figure out how to disable Windows File Protection.
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