How can i start up a wireless network for gaming.

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Dec 15, 2007
  1. Hi, currently i have a 10 port router that is wired for all the computers in my house. The problem with that is i wanna go wireless without replacing the 10 port wired router. This is due to the fact that i am getting a PS3 for Christmas, and since i already have a Wii, i might as well find a way to get them both on the net without two extra 100ft ethernet cords that get all in the way. I have heard and read about the PS3 and PSP wifi key which you plug into your computer (via usb) and broadcast the wifi signal through the "key". I am interested in this method but am very hesitant to even try it.
    -How does it work?
    -Will it work for multiple devices?
    -Will the computer that the "key" is connected to still have internet?

    If that method is not what im lookin for, please help me find another way. Thanks.

    Links: (Review for psp wifi key)
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    You need a single box - a wireless access point. Forget about those "wifi keys".
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    please do tell more. =)
  4. geno2k3

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  6. geno2k3

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    Thanks for the replies... although i really know little about WAP. I know that it does provide internet access for wireless devices.

    I decided to purchase the D-LINK WAP and it is coming in today through the mail.

    Im going to be sure to post here if i have any questions about it. Since its going to be used for gaming.
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