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How Can I tell if my mobo is bad or if its my pcu?

By FatTireDrinker
Jul 20, 2005
  1. A computer I built for my mother a little over six months ago, asus PS400-MX mobo, 2.8 prescott, radeon 9800 pro, antec 350W fanless power supply, 80g hd, and run of the mill cd writer and cd rom. Two days ago she went to turn it on and only the fans came on, no display on the monitor and she had to unplug the power cord to get it to shut off. Now I have the PC at my apartment and I disconnected everthing from the mobo except the video card, reset the cmos and I still get the same thing. I even took my working 2.4 pentium out of my desktop and put it in the other mobo, same thing. And since I was at it I took the Prescott out of hers and put it in mine, the same thing happened in my desktop but this time I could shut it off by holding the powerswitch for about 5 seconds. Now I am just guessing but it seems to me that the mobo and the cpu are shot , but I am not sure that I am leaving any tests out. Do I have to do anything before/after I switched the cpus between motherboards other than resetting the cmos? I'm pretty sure I am going to have to order something new but I don't want to order both a cpu and mobo if only one of them is bad, any help would be greatly apprectiated.
  2. FireBat

    FireBat TS Rookie

    Same thing happened here, i have sent mine to a professional repairing dude. I will post once he finds out whats wrong.
    Alot of people seem to have this problem
  3. total bullfrog

    total bullfrog TS Rookie

    what i know about power failures like that is probably about as much as you know. im going through that with an athlonxp2800 emachine. what i have found out is basically one of two things. win xp is succeptible(?) to a virus that roots DEEP in registry. even manual settings to prevent "auto restart under system failure" doesn't respond. i believe this MAY be corrected by reformating hdd. then reinstall os of course. i discovered my southbridge chipset overheating without power even on! in my case my board is fried. The other thing that MAY have killed your mobo is over-video-ing without substantial graphics capability. im finding that video is THE most demanding process you can run. so if your a gamer......have powerful video (no ONBOARD SHARED)
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