How can I upload a Jpg by URL to another site?

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I want to upload a picture from my computer to a historical website I like in its forum, but dont know how to.
I have been trying to paste a picture in my post by URL with no success, Arrgghh.
The website is very similar to this one in its design and format

:confused: Can anyone help a dummie like me and explain how to do this?

Cheers, DAVEO :eek:


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You say that you are trying to use a URL, a URL is a Uniform Resouce Locator, or a web link for short, so if your picture was on a site say


Then this would be the URL you would enter, if however the picture is on your PC and the site only deals with pictures uploaded via a URL then you need to upload the picture to a web company that will host your picture for free.

I and many others use Imageshack, with this company you can put a picture on their server and are given a URL for the picture, upload is quick and the picture stays on the servers almost indefinately,

My avatar for a site I am on is hosted on imageshack and the URL is so if I wanted to add this to your site I would copy this link into the box which asks for the URL.

Hope that clears it up

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