how can you delete a file off a cd if it is a read only file?

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Sep 27, 2005
  1. I made a mistake and wrote a file onto a cd that I shouldn't have written to. When I try to delete the file from the cd it says access denied b/c it's a read only file. Is there any way I can remove this file from the cd?

    Very new to this...

  2. rugerx

    rugerx TS Rookie

    You can, but it involves some pretty heavy burn tactics.

    Best solution is to destroy the cd in question, that will fix it.
    Scissors work quite well.
  3. Vigilante

    Vigilante TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,666

    Ha, that is the funniest question I've seen in a long time!

    CD-R discs are read-only by nature. But if your disk is a CD-RW, that's another story.
  4. blue_dragon

    blue_dragon TS Rookie Posts: 190

    cd-r hahahahahahaha imposible
    cd-rw u can w/ a a burning app
    (most burning apps come with a cd eraser)

    "if you search the web you'll find a really interesting movie where a PIII, an Athlon and a P4 are filmed while the heatsink is removed: the PIII simply hangs, the Athlon lovely burns with the motherboard itself and the P4 simply slows down working perfectly"
  5. Blakhart

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    If the disk is a cdr and not a cdrw disk, you will have to destroy the disk.
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