How do I bring XP back from the grave without a cd ?

By Okie Mike
Feb 11, 2005
  1. I got my uncle's old computer, specs are:
    Award Modular BIOS v6.00PG
    W6330MS v2.4 020701
    AMD Athlon 1200MHz
    The mobo is a K7T Turbo VER 3
    Windows XP Pro
    My uncle bought it at a garage sale, the guy who sold it had lost the xp cd. It worked fine, but my uncle was downloading some kind of software for the cd player or burner (not sure what) and the thing crashed.Virus?
    I got the computer at that point, at first it wouldn't boot at all. I used fixmbr in recovery console from the xp setup disks (6 floppies) and got the thing to boot up into xp, but when it did it automatically started running chdsk which showed errors of indexes being repaired and then said something like "not enough free space to correct errors", and got a blue screen :
    Tried to boot again but now as soon as windows starts running I get
    STOP:0x0000006B Process1_Initialization_Failed
    and thats as far as she goes.
    From what I've found the stop 0x6B message could be a hardware problem, driver issue, or software problem. I need to know how to find and fix the problem without a windows xp cd. Where can I go from here? I'm not experienced at this at all, any and every help or advise would be much appreciated.
  2. Nodsu

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    "Lost the Windows XP CD" hehehehehehehehe...

    How about checking the free space on the disk and deleting something to make free space?

    Now on to your question..

    If the copy of Windows XP on that computer is indeed legal then you can just download the XP CD from the internet or copy it from a friend or borrow a friend's CD. You are entitled to a copy of Windows XP (don't know how you can prove it to police though if you have no product key sticker to show them) and it doesn't really matter where you get it from.

    If the XP on the computer is illegal (which it probably is) then it doesn't really make a difference if you fix your illegal copy of Windows with an illegal copy of a Windows CD, does it? You are just as guilty for using an illegal copy anyway.

    If you still have problems with getting a copy of the XP CD then you could check whether the contents of the XP CD happen to reside on the hard drive of the computer. See if there is a i386 folder somewhere in there. You can use the boot CD from

    BTW you still need a XP product key if you do a repair install..
  3. Okie Mike

    Okie Mike TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for the help, I didn't try the ultimatebootcd, I may be having trouble with cd-rom, I had previously tried memtest86 cd in it to check for memory problem but it won't boot from cd-rom. However I had tried ntfs reader on floppy that allowed me to see what's on the hdd, I can't find an i386 folder either at c:\ , or c:\windows\.
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