How do I convert AVI and/or MPEG to play on DVD

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Jul 1, 2005
  1. Subject line pretty much says it all. I would like to play these on my home DVD player as opposed to just off the HD. I have a few years of joke AVI and MPGs I'd love to watch on the DVD player on my tv. Not too mention clear out some space. Is there a program or an instructional website or both?? I have Nero6 and have access to Roxio media/classic ( I think that's the title ) if they are the choice. I've tried and I am just not adept at this kind of thing.
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    you will need a dvd encoder/image compiler. then you may burn the resulting image file to a dvd. i can't name any programs for sure off the top of my head, though. try using google to find a utility for said operation.
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    convert avi mpeg to dvd

    you have to purchase a DVD burner with a bundled software that encodes and burns DVD from MPEG files. i use LITEON SOHW-1213S with NERO 6 bundled software. try it.
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    I bought an Aopen DVD writer that came bundled with PowerDVD and Nero6. My problem is not knowing how to use Nero6 other than making an MP3 cd or data cd. DVD burning is new to me and I would like to learn. Is it possible to put a bunch of converted MPEGs and AVI (not sure of their format other than the AVI extension) onto one CD to play on either DVD ?? That is what I'd like to find out how to do. I tried direct burning and get an "unknown disc" screen. I am obviosuly not doing it right, that is what I am after, somebody to send me to the right spot.
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    go to Mictlantecuhtli's links.. and have a dvd burner ready.. and use nero.. ISO Data DVD.. if the movie is over 2gb u'll have to use UDF.
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