How do I delete my account?

By Nereus ยท 7 replies
Mar 30, 2016
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  1. Anyone able to help? Was not able to locate any option to delete account or a 'contact us' link. Account no longer required. Please advise (or better yet, just delete the account)...
  2. The Owl

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  3. mailpup

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    Nereus, this is the proper forum for your request. An administrator will have to act upon it, however, and he should be by in due course.

    The Owl, your request was likely not noticed by our administrator if it wasn't posted in this forum. That's not to say such requests are required to be made in this forum but, rather, this is where they are most likely to be seen by the admin. I'm sorry that your advice was not followed to your satisfaction by our members but I suppose that's the way of things. One can profer advice but one cannot control the acceptance of it.

    Please don't take this the wrong way because no offense is intended but if you don't like this site so much, why are you still here? You are welcome to continue posting, of course, but if you don't like it here, you can simply leave without all the drama.
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  4. The Owl

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    What I don't like is the way that my 25 years of experience is "over ridden" and advice that I have given is contradicted by people who's advice I have seen and read in several post's leave me shuddering and seeing the inexperienced taken down routes that will be of little use.

    Personally I don't give a monkeys stuff for ego's I know what I know and OK I have some preferences but they were gained by a customer base that trusted me and my advice because of age and infirmity I have packed in work but the brain is still very much alive I promise you, and all I want to do is pass that experience on. With the way some act around here I don't feel it's worth the effort.
  5. cliffordcooley

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    You are the one that clicks a link to come here, we can't stop you from doing that. Not even if your account was deleted. I actually did leave for a short time. I wasn't arrogant enough to think management would remove all my postings. I stopped logging in, it really is that simple. Simple truth is, if you have something to say, say it. If you don't feel it is worth the effort in defending your words, then don't defend them. Either way your words will be heard.
  6. captaincranky

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    First off, any copyright you might possess to material you post on Techspot, becomes the property of Techspot. Which causes one to wonder why you put your "golden counsel" and "wisdom" out in the wild to begin with.

    So just walk away, and devote your attention to your "paying customers". If someone is too unsophisticated to seek out your self purported legendary abilities in the physical world, then you can add them to your ever lengthening list of, "fools and misfits".

    As far as "teachers" go, we have a couple here already. Ego is the stuff their own legends are made of as well. The ego driven side of teaching is that you want to be in a position where you know more than the people you are with, or rather "over", thereby garnering their respect and admiration.

    How could the rest of us possibly compete with your chronic abundant excess of self esteem anyway? Let me say though, someone who chooses an "owl" as their avatar is obviously trying to trade on that bird's mythical intellect. But, I believe science has shown that owls are pretty dumb by bird standards.

    (Another tack)> Gee, we're all really , really sorry, we don't live up to your standards. Not to the point of losing sleep over it, but "sorry" nonetheless.

    In any case, why not simply fly, fly, fly away, as fast as you can, from this Sodom & Gomorrah of computer sin & ignorance.

    Word of warning though, don't look back over your shoulder, or you'll revert into a common internet troll if you do! :p

    I think the current psychological term is, "co-dependence". @mailpup I'd appreciate it if you would take the time to dispute this, so I can tell you you're wrong. ;)
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  7. Julio Franco

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    FYI, this has been taken care of. Soon we'll be implementing a new option for users who desire to delete their account, they'll be able to do so on their own. It won't delete content however (threads, replies, quotes) it will simply let users remove their profile/info from our DB.
  8. Julio Franco

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    As anticipated, we have now implemented an option so users can opt to delete their TechSpot accounts unilaterally and without need of intervention from our staff. The option is available from the account settings menu. Users will get a 7 day 'grace period' to recover their accounts, after that time has passed their profile info will be removed from our DB. Note that this won't delete post data or content (threads, replies, quotes).

    Personal Details - TechSpot Forums 2016-05-02 18-07-05.
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