How do I disable my graphics card through BIOS

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Jan 25, 2005
  1. Hi, I need to disable my onboard video card through BIOS, to install my new graphics card. How would I go along doing so?
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    Hello and welcome to Techspot.

    You could try reading your mobo manual.

    If you don`t have one you may be able to download one from your mobo manufacturers web site.

    Failing that during bootup try pressing either the F2 or delete keys to get into bios.

    Then just search around to find your onboard graphics disable it then save and exit.

    Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
  3. SevenCard

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    Well I don't have a mobo guide and I've been into my BIOS but no option to disable my onboard. I contacted my manufactuer but they sent back saying my mother board wasn't there brand.

    Help :(

    heres all my info.

    BIOS ID: 63-0302-000000-00101111-060204-I915-A0005035
    OEM Sign-On: BIOS Date: 06/02/04 21:38:00 V
    BIOS Date: 06/02/04
    BIOS Type: AMI
    Chipset: Intel 2580 rev 4
    Super I/O: Unknown
    OS: WinXP SP2
    BIOS ROM Socket: Unknown
    BIOS ROM Size: Unknown
    Memory Installed: 503 MB
    Memory Max: Unknown
    CPU: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.80GHz 2800 MHz
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    I think its under Advanced Chipset. But most newer boards will automatically switch to AGP if there is a card in the slot. What brand of computer?
  5. SevenCard

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    Well my computer is a HP Pavilion.
    and when i put the card in it comes as a black screem.
  6. vegasgmc

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  7. BringinHeat

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    Let me ask you a question when you put in your new graphics card do you run your monitor through your old onboard graphics card port or the new one when you start up your computer. If you put it on the old port then switch it to the monitor port on your new graphics card. The display mite be kinda bad but it will improve once you install the correct drivers for your new graphics card. Windows XP will automatically recognize that there is a new video card on the agp slot when you install your new video card. Let me know if this works for you!!
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