how do i get around an invalid registration code?

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Aug 7, 2005
  1. How can i get around it? I cant install any updates. not even direct x.
    i set my comp to get fixed by this guy and all he did was replace my hard drive and install XP Pro and somehow got it to take his fake code. so what can i do to make it so i can install updates. i have a valid code here from a windows home here that i own. is there anything i can do?

    I was thinkin my best bet would probably be to get a cheap small hard drive and install all my files on it then re install windows on my main one and then transfer the files back. i think it would be a PITA to put everything on DVDs and transfer them. Tell me what you think
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  3. joman2055

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    it was so close to working but now it says i mistyped the product key. could my problem be that i am trying to enter a home edition key in a pro windows?
  4. Didou

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    You won't be able to use a WinXP Home key on a XP Pro install. Reinstall the XP Home with the proper key, that's the only solution unless you want to buy a legit WinXP Pro.
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    thats what i figured. where can i find a guide to show me how to put windows on its own partion then put all my files on another so if i ever have to reinstall windows again (already done it about 6-7 times on this comp) i wont lose any files.
    oh and is there a way to take programs like exel and powerpoint and save them on a disk or other harddrive so i can use them when i intall home?
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    A good back up plan.
    Buy Ghost or True Image;
    Do a good clean install of your system and programs > Run the Image program and write an image to your Backup Partition or external HDD.
    All you have to do down the road is back up Data files ,re- make an image file when you add new programs .
    You can re-install this image and data backups in under an hour if you have any failure etc.
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    thank you. i might try that once i get a few things for my computer and get enough money together.
  8. thenightangel

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    Not really that difficult to change the Key.
    Start > Run: REGEDIT.
    Go to: Software\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\WPAEvents
    You should see on the right, a value labeled "OOBETimer".
    Now change one of the values of the Registry Key specified below to any number 0-9 or character A-F. It doesnt matter which one you change, just change one of them.

    Now close that, and go
    Start > Run: %systemroot%\system32\oobe\msoobe /a
    Select the "Change Product Key" option.
    Enter your new key, click update, and close. When you reboot, follow the normal activation process which should work if you've entered a valid product key.
  9. Didou

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    That information was already available in the link provided by RBS so yours won't fix anything. He's trying to use a WinXP Home key on a WinXP Pro install, that's why it won't work.
  10. thenightangel

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    Hmm.. *slaps own head*.
    For some reason, i didn't even notice all the other replies...
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    When you install/setup windows xp home you will be prompted for which hdd you want to install to. from there you have a few options.

    you will want to create a partition for your o/s only. so say you have a 80 gig hdd. delete all partitions (note this will make all of the data you have on the hdd inaccessible) once all partitions are deleted create a partition... say use 20gigs for the partition, once you have the 20gig partition created continue on to the install/setup. once in windows go to the disk management tools.. "right click my computer> click manage..... from there you can create additional partitions using the 60gigs that was not used in the install/setup. use these newly created partitions to store your files.

    Second question... you will still have to reinstall any application that is not part of windows xp o/s...

    The ghost idea is your best bet for not having to reinstall software...
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