How do I get DSL on my flashdrive (and boot it up also)

By kayway8 ยท 10 replies
Jan 7, 2006
  1. yeah i need to no where to get damn small linux and also how to boot it off a flashdrive, thanks
  2. Nodsu

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  3. kayway8

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    Ha ha ha yeah I got gmail so I believe I know about google, which i have already have done went to the mirror site to download it then there are a bunch of files I was asking what files to I need from there to be able to boot from a flash drive while in windows.
  4. Didou

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    Everything you need to know is available on the Wiki page.
  5. kayway8

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    yeah but i want to know how to boot inside of windows.
  6. beerabuser30

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    Get knoppix then just boot off it. In order for it to work off a flash drive in the boot process you probably have to go to your bios and change the boot order.
  7. j4m32

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    You don't Boot it in Windows,

    He is new to OS's not The "Graphical" internet.

    Anyways, Your PC may not Support USB Bootable Devices so i advise Downloading the DSL USB Boot Floppy .img file Use "Rawrite" to Write this Image a spare Floppy.

    Next Get your with DSL USB in it and (last one i used was anyway :S) you then just put it on the USB stick and Reboot your PC with the Floppy in and the USB Stick in

    Hope this helped, i thaught there was a Howto for this? for Future reference Anyone trying to get an OS working don't messaround Froum Posting it doesn't work just experiment your self with the OS.

  8. kayway8

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    Yes you can you use the embedded version to boot up inside windows i found out a while ago but thanks for your support :D
  9. j4m32

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    Ohh sorry :p

    i presumed you wanted to Boot from a USB Stick :D :D

    no worries i see they included qemu espetialy for the Newbies wanting to run linux in windows,
    Useful i guess but defeats the object of Multi-OSing in my view :p

    anyways enjoy that linux very simple and clicky :p


    (Look at BSD / Installations of Linux)
  10. kayway8

    kayway8 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    yeah everything is in the one file qemu and all. I just wanted it so I can use on the computers at school, and DSL has a bunch of apps i wanted to use and the school restricts downloading.
  11. j4m32

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    Ahh many ways past that my man ;) ,

    if you need any help mail me *******


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