How do I get S-Video out to work on my TV?

By CzarAlex
Jul 2, 2004
  1. Hello,
    I want to hook my computer up to a 19'' TV using the S-Video out of my GeForce 3 Ti 500. The TV does not have S-Video in, so I purchased an RCA RF modulator. The RF Mod will light up when its receiving a signal from the S-Video. At first, it would show my the initial boot up of the computer, right up until it gave the blue welcome to windows XP screen. Then nothing. The light turns off, meaning the RD mod is no longer getting a signal from the computer. Sometimes the light stays on but the TV screen is black from then on. I fiddled around with the NVidia display options, and now the blasted thing won't even show my the boot up sequence on the TV. I think I checked something about "my TV is not being detected". It told me to restart. I did. And now it shows nothing. No light too. After a cold boot, the light comes back on, but the screen is still black.

    Suggestions? :\ All I want is to build my home arcade and this is just a bump along the road to arcade happiness. Thanks!
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    Try TVTool.
  3. lalaji

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    I have a radeon 9700 Pro and for me to hook up my TV to my PC i have to go into my display properties and turn the TV on. To get to the display properties of your card, try right clicking on your desktop and choose properties. Then go to the settings tab and click on advanced. Then a window should pop up with aome regards to your graphics card. I cant tell you what it will look like exactly but there should be some tab that says displays. In that tab look for TV and turn it on. That should do it. I Hope this helped you.
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