How do I know if my fan is working 100%?

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Jan 2, 2007
  1. It seem that my Toshiba p25 Laptop Fans are lazy.

    And I also keep on getting when I get bsod's.
    Atapi - Event ID 9
    Disk - Event ID 51

    Ok, well about the fans, the outer bigger fans work but the middle CPU fan does not work at ALL. When I boot the comp it spins for 1 second and stop. And only when I am using my computer like crazy, there is a rare chance that it spins full power all three fans.

    The problem is that even when the power settings for my laptop is set to FULL Fan Power, the middle fan don't usually spin.

    But here is what i did to ruin my computer........I was downloading some very large files through a torrent downloader, while playing Warcraft III on the internet, as the game was loading 50% it froze and sorta went slow to varely reaching 60% and I got a bsod.

    So I thought that my computer overheated to over using the CPU. Then I turned my laptop face down and closed to take a look at the fans and see if there was overheating. So I notice a lot of dirty lint, I was like holy...

    So I took my vaccum and vaccummed each fan at fool speed. But after doing so, my computer got BSOD's more often with the three logged errors along with it.

    So I went on goggle and searched cleaning laptop fans. And many people said that:
    1. If you vaccum a computer's internal fan's it will cause static electricity to run through, so it is better to use compressed air. I was like ****!
    2. If you vaccum a computer's fan you should use something to clog the fan so that it wouldn't spin too fast. So I was like ****!
    3. And so I was like wtf, what am I going to do, and in my mind I was like holy **** my laptop fans spin this way, but the vaccum made it spin REVERSE, at SUPERSPEED, and I used a vaccum which means STATIC. And I was like ****! ****! ****! ****!

    So then I was like OMFG peter, calm the **** down. It's not like my computer has electronic aids. So I let it cool down, for like 5 hours, and went back to play, and got the same old BSOD crap along with the same Events on my Event Log. And while playing online, I learned that If I did not want to lag and make the system shutdown, I had to LIFT the front of my laptop up so that the screen faced diagonally. And it worked and I actually won my online game on Warcraft III like twice because I am a skillfull player anyways. But why must I lift my laptop? Is it because by doing so I move the lint? or is it some lose wire? I DONT KNOW. ****!!!!!

    So that is what I have observed. Please share your similar experiences and help me figure out what to do.
    Oh and uh, are there any programs to test my system fans?
  2. frankibo

    frankibo TS Rookie Posts: 67

    With the program CPUFan you can manage the use of all your fans.
  3. altheman

    altheman TS Rookie Posts: 425

    Seems like a Hard Drive problem. Do a SMART status check on your Hard Drive using Seagate tools.
  4. maniac_lonestar

    maniac_lonestar TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 117

    Yeah I know it seems like Hard Drive problem, BUT it also seems like FAN problem and an ATAPI problem. But I don't know if it is actually lose wiring...

    AND YO, I looked for CPUFan like everywhere, ITEM NOT FOUND.
  5. tweakboy

    tweakboy TS Guru Posts: 467

    You need to use ATI tray tools ,, or another tweak app,,

    You can adjust fan speed,,

    Should be @ hundred percent when gaming,,

    Usually goes up by itself,, but mite need to make some setting changes,
  6. MetalX

    MetalX TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,388

    Um, he is talking about the CPU fan not the video fan... ATi tray tools won't affect the CPU fan.
  7. maniac_lonestar

    maniac_lonestar TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 117

    Yeah I was like ATI tools? WTF
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