How do I limit bandwith on PC?

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Oct 15, 2006
  1. Hi,

    My problem is simple. How do I limit the available bandwith for the computers on my network. I need to cap a single computer on 30kbps and only 30kbps for downloads and surfing speed.

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    You could use a router with bandwidth management features.

    If you don't trust you users, then there's nothing you can do on the PC itself - any software you put there can be disabled.
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    I do not think that user of this particular PC would know how to disable that software. All that person knows is downloading at full speed and when I want to reed techspot news it takes forever to load.

    Also I have D-link wireless router, but I could not find any limiting options.
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    anyone use gpedit.msc
    one looks interesting
    QOS Limit reservable bandwidth instead of lowering it raise it??
    Maximum network bandwith that BITS uses

    cripple the nic by setting it to 10mb?

    have not checked I would think a good firewall app would have this capablitity
    mmm maybe outpost has this I will check later
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    There is software available to do this function, found one here though never used it myself so further investigation would be required. Hope this helps anyway.
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