How do I open this computer case ?

By teztina ยท 6 replies
May 10, 2005
  1. my friend was working today and the chick who house he was workin on got a new pc and gave him her old one so he had no use for it and gave it to me...i need to get in it to see how everything is and what not...
    it says Planet systems on front case...i dunno how to open last old pc u just unscrew 4 screws and case poped off....this 1 has many screws and there directly on back...i dunno if the holding the fan and stuff in place or what....any1 every dealt with one of those be4?
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    If it's an old PC, is it a vertical or horizontal position one? I've got an old horizontal one that you had to unscew 5 or 6 screws on the back and the top and sides came off very carefully. Just make sure you don't unscrew the Power Supply screws!!!!

    And since it's an old one that you just want to tinker with, at least you don't have to worry about messing anything up too bad :p
  3. teztina

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    looks like id pop off up and foward...ty
  4. isatippy

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    just saw off the one side. :haha: :haha:
  5. Tedster

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    they're, their, and there .... (grammer check)

    BTW- your computer might have the pressure case. I have an older gateway with no screws.... the cover just pops off. If that's not the case, just look at it carefully. Horizontal AT style cases tend to have the top cover come off - the cover is a U shaped large piece. You may have to remove several screws.
  6. howard_hopkinso

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    I think you`ll find the word is grammar lol

    Bear in mind that here at Techspot, a lot of members first language isn`t English.

    Regards Howard :p
  7. Tedster

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    right! (chuckle!!!)........
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