How do I reengineer data files so that they can be played on a CD playre?

By einstein
Apr 27, 2006
  1. I have a CD full of ".wav" files that can be played on a computer but not on a CD player. Can they be reengineered and made CD compatible?.
  2. Fiziks

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    assuming you're using XP... import them to windows media and then burn the cd (using windows media player)

    WMP CD burning tutorial

    "Windows XP supports the creation of audio CDs through the Media Player. But you can initiate it from Windows XP folders too. If you have a folder open with media files such as .WMA, .MP3, or .WAV, select the files to record and then click "copy to audio CD" in the task bar on the lefthand side of the folder. Windows Media Player opens with your selected files in the list of audio files to be recorded. You can continue to add files, either from Windows XP folders or through the Windows Media Player interface. When you're ready to record your audio CD, click the Copy Music button in Media Player. It converts the audio files to the required format for audio recording in a temporary location, and then begins the CD recording process."
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