How do I reformat to use Linux os

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Oct 15, 2007
  1. I have an old computer that I want to reformat and try to use Linux with.

    I don't want to partition it, but I want to remove all the old files and junk completely and start afresh with Linux as my os. I have read the thread about installing Linux for the first time but this involves creating a partition for dual booting but I just want to try Linux.

    I am downloading Ubuntu and going to burn it to cd, what should I do then, just reboot and put Unbuntu disc in or how do I just reformat my old computer first.

    Thanks in advance Linda
  2. Po`Girl

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    First, make sure you burn the .ISO file to CD as an ISO file and not as normal data.

    Look in the File menu for ISO disc.

    After you boot the Ubuntu CD,on about the 3rd menu,

    you get the partition choice.Choose erase the whole disk.
  3. jobeard

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    MOST Linux installers will give you access to the HD parition table.

    1. delete ALL partitions first
    2. create a swap parttion
    3. then create a Linux partition (the Journaled type ext3)
    Once all actions are confirmed, each partition will be correctly reformated.
  4. lindylou2

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    Thank you both for your help


    Both people offered help but I would say for a newbie linux user if you haven't gotten it to work already download a live cd I suggest ubuntu. Once you burn the iso to a disk you can boot your machine directly into linux to see how it works. You can then click install on the desktop and it will run you thru a few screens of installing . 1 screen which is for partion and formatting just choose to use whole hard drive. Linux will do everything for you.
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