How Do I Reformat?

By CursedHands69
Jan 17, 2008
  1. Ok im so lost. My Uncle past away and i was left some things , and one was his laptop. Its a Sony Vaio. When I turn it on it says " James " and asks for a password. I dont know I read a few forums and it says boot into safe mode > Admin. I did so, and its password protected. Bleh...
    I read about the obliha livecd , but quickly learned it doesnt boot discs.
    Its a dvd rom drive to. I then tried putting in a windows xp pro disc ( thats the os i want on there ) and it doesnt boot up. So i went searching again and i found many replys to boot from a floppy! So i went out and bought the attachment ( im broke now...) for a floppy drive and i have 3 1/2in floppys.

    I put one in , to see if it boots to it and it said " this is not a system disc, please place one in" Presss any key to continue.....

    I placed the regular windows xp pro install disc in...and quickly learnt after iso ripping it ... it was extreamly to large to place on a floppy...
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    I beleive what you mean is a Ubuntu Live CD, and your laptop should be able to boot CD's. You will more then likely have to go into the bios for this... When the computers booting up press F1, F2 or Del (its different for each computer) or you can try and press Tab to see if it shows what button you need to press. After you are in the bios go looking for something called boot order and make CD-Rom the first option. Good luck!
  3. CursedHands69

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    yep yep

    I have done that , thats why im so stuck.
    I hear the cd fire up but nothing happens it just keeps booting to the login screen. I went to bios and I set it up for these :

    1. Floppy
    2. CD
    3. HDD
    -------NO RESULTS--------
    then i tried these :

    1. CD
    2. Floppy
    3. HDD

    etc...etc... I tried all ways possible.
    the cd wont start up, but it runs perfectly when i put it on my desktops one.

    so yea....still lost...but thanks for the advice
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