How do I repartition my Hardrive

By Play4Him_7
Nov 23, 2004
  1. I just loaded Windows XP. During the installation I was asked if I wanted to partition my harddrive. I did and partitioned 1.1GB for FAT. Once the installation was complete I check the properties on my hard drive and it said "File System- Fat, Free Space- 82.7 GB, Total Size- 1 GB" I was told I needed to partition some FAT to run old programs of an older 2nd HD set up as a slave. How do I partition the rest of the drive for NTFS?
  2. dadecamp

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    If you installed XP on that 1.1gb partition, I'm sorry to say that you made it way too small. You should have at least 4-5 gb and better yet 8-10 gb for the operating system.

    You might be better off starting your install all over again now before you spend too much waisted time. Then when it comes to the place where it ask if you want to partition, I would delete the current partition. Then first make the partition you plan to use for the OS with at least 8 gb. This partition which will be the C: drive is the defalt location for all your documents and settings, program files, etc. and you do not want to run into "lack of space" in the future. Second, you can create another partition for your FAT.

    Now for any unallocated free space you can create additional partitions in XP's disk management.

    IMO, I have done away with any partitioning on my systems because I have had issues with running out of space on my C: drive too many times and there is no way to add space to the boot partition that I am aware of using only windows disk managemnt utility. On my current main system I have a 160gb HD as my C: drive and 2 40gb drives in a stripped RAID making them one 80gb D: drive. When I need to defrag I start it and let it run overnight.

    In your case I would make the first drive all available space less the 1.1gb you wanted for the FAT. But, others may suggest a different approach that you may prefer.

    Good luck
  3. RealBlackStuff

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    Dadecamp is mostly right.
    Reinstall from scratch on that 80GB HD, first partition 10GB in NTFS-format for Windows and the standard utilities such as AV, Firewall, Office etc., second partition 30GB in NTFS for all other programs, third partition 36 GB in NTFS for data, last partition about 1.5GB (max 2GB) in FAT for old programs.
    When formatted, the disk will be about 78GB, hence the not-quite-matching partition-sizes.
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