How Do I Run Chkdsk Off Of Startup / Delete Partitions!

By Keith22
Aug 26, 2007
  1. Okay heres the deal, i just built an entirely new PC. Quad core, evga 8800gts 640mb, 4gb of corsair ram, the whole deal. At first i was going to use my.. not very legal version of windows pro if you know what i mean on my system but then i decided against all the problems it brings and i ordered a legit copy of XP home ( the non legit one was professional ). I stopped the installation of pro as it was going at about 39 minutes to go. Thinking that i could just somehow get back to where it shows your partitions and such and just delete them all and start new with XP home. Heres where i made a big problem.. now im trying to load XP home on. It gets up to the part right before where it shows the partitions and such and i get a blue screen saying error, restart your computer. If the problem persists, run CHKDSK /F for errors on your hard drive. Okay, now what do i do... do i let PRO finish loading on my computer and then when its done, just take it all right off ( IF you guys think that will work fine ) or is there another way where instead of waiting for the long load to install PRO, i can just get back to the partition lists and delete it all and start again? PLEASE help me as im dieing to get my OS up and running. Thanks alot! Keith.
  2. gbhall

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    Have you tried the non-legit XP install again? If it gets you to the partition point you could at least reformat your drive.
  3. rapzkilla

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    i say use the xp pro cd again and then let it finish. after you finish the install, just go ahead and whip it all off and install home edition... also remember that xp pro is a newer version than the home edition, so thats probably why you get an error on it.. you can also use the xp pro disk as he says nad then reformat your drive.. "quad core" dude thats bad ***, what do you plan on using your pc for because that too much for me. i built mine with a AMD dual core 5600 and its really fast...
  4. Keith22

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    Haha well what i did was just let XP pro finish the entire installation, then i just went back and got to the partitions and whiped everything off again and installed home, everything went smooth. And yeah.. i decided to go with a quad core haha. Basically i just use it for gaming and photoshop, nothing that would really meet or even come close to exceeding the limits of a quad core, but ****, for 50 bucks more than an intel core 2 duo... you cant go wrong! Thanks for the comments guys!
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