How do I save document from word processor to a word doc

By fb1
Feb 5, 2008
  1. When I type in a leeter on microsoft works in word processor and then save it to my documents, then send it as a email attachment, the people email me back and say they can't open it send it in word.
    How do I change from word processor to word. You have to take into account I have very, very little knowledge when It comes to computers so if someone can give me a simple step by step proceedure that I can understand I would be very greatful
  2. kimsland

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    Word Viewer 2003

    Works Converter for Import/Export of Works Word Processor

    Actually, this may be difficult, because you will need MS Word to actually open and edit the document. As sadly when converting documents, lots of the formatting/fonts/borders and a whole range of things can be lost

    Works Product Upgrades and Downloads

    Just converting on its own, without having MS Word may not be ideal. I think the person that you are sending the document to, needs to download the free converters. Not actually for you to do it.

    You could create the document using Wordpad instead under
    Start -> All Programs -> Accessories - > Wordpad
    That may be better.
    But if you are doing many documents, with lots of formatting you may actually need to purchase Word
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