How Do I Send Fax ?

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Jan 22, 2007
  1. I have cable internet.To send a fax , do I need to hook up a phone line to my computer , or can I send it through the cable ?
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    I believe there are online companies who will do what you ask such as this one, basically you send them the document in the form of a word or notepad text and they send it via fax to a specified number, it costs money to do it of course, its easier if your planning on doing a lot of faxing to buy a small fax machine and use your home phone line, and of course you can use your PC as a fax machine but it would mean installing a modem into the PC, FYI Modems are unreliable which is why Broadband is so popular, so I would advise buying a proper fax machine.

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    I like TrustFax very much.

    Yea, it's 10cents per page, but it's an web application and it sends/receives faxes via your email-id and attaches a PDF with the content.

    Wherever you go (with a laptop), your Internet access and email carries with it
    your FAX capability -- WIN WIN WIN (imo) :giddy:
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    Not by cable

    You need a 56k modem installed,and the phone line attached.
    Best i can do but you should be getting more replys then you have.
    It can be done,but thats all i can add except,
    It's completly seperate from useing your cable for browsing.
    And make it an updated post.
    But yes there are places that do this.Depending on where for Long distance
    Ididmy had a better way,this is the hard way.
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    you can use a VOIP phone along with fax/modem card to send FAXes. a little tricky to set up but it can be done.

    or you can email your faxes to a service provider (for a charge) who will then analog fax your document to the recipient.
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