how do i stop my computer from freezing !?!?!? plz help

By d34dcell
Dec 22, 2005
  1. it all started on the 2nd of december cause i was goin to a lanparty .
    my computer is not the best , but it still is okay i guess .
    well anyways , i only had 128 mb of ram so i uped it by 128 mb so i could play cs on my comp . thing is it was windows 2000 and it kept freezin so i downgraded at the lan to ee if that would help . Well as you can imagine it didint help and im sitting here sraching my head to see whats wrong with it .
    here are my system properties :

    Intel(r) Celeron(tm) Processor
    224.0MB RAM
    Quantum 30.00Gb Harddrive
    ASound ex press pci sound card
    Nvidia 4000 video card
    Windows 98 SE (wow , its lame )
    *I also used anti-virus , and checked for computer errors and fixed them already , please reply to me asap thx , d34dcell
  2. d34dcell

    d34dcell TS Rookie Topic Starter

    nm found it

    i found the culprit , seems my graphics card got shot lol , thx ne ways guys
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