How do I transfer a whole driver w/ an OS to another drive?

By PowerCycle
Jan 15, 2007
  1. How do I transfer a whole drive w/ an OS to another drive?

    I want to transfer my drive (C) with Windows Vista installed on it and all other files to another drive (D) of the same capacity. Is this only possible to do before the OS loads from a boot disk? Or can I do it while on the OS? I've used programs that do this before but that are unable to copy the critical System Operating files and drive D is corrupt. I need a method/program that will transfer everything cleanly to the new drive so I can take out the C: drive and run the OS and access my other files on D: - Please help me!

  2. Ididmyc600

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    Ok so whats on the D drive,? an OS, or just files.??

    Programs such as ghost or arcronis true image will copy an entire drive from one to another, thing is they overwrite the contents of the destination drive,

    You would need to back up the files on the D drive before doing this, or copy them to the existing C drive if there is room, then ghost the entire drive over to the D drive.

    As you dont say exactly why you want to change drives and what is on the D drive, I cant advise any further.

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    Nothing is on D drive. It's a new drive. I want to move the drives because the D has more space than the C and I'm giving the C away. I used TrueImage and it worked fine. Thanks.
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    Glad to see you got it sorted, now you have a gem you can pass on to other TS users, you come back and visit again ya hear.....

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