How do I update my motherboard drivers?

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Jan 11, 2006
  1. I want to update my mobo chipset drivers, but I have difficulties getting dell support and the Intel download site is very confusing. I have a 865 family chipset. Can anyone give me a step by step guide how to find, download and install this driver(s) ?


  2. iss

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    Both Dell and intels site are pretty straight forwared all you have to do is select either your computer model at Dell and go to support, enter your service tag number then go to downloads for any updated drivers etc.
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    To be honest, iss hit it right on.

    I imagine you could post your dell info here and someone could then find the correct page, but i dont think thats a good idea, i wouldnt post my personal info. But i dont buy pc's, i build them, so i dont know dells setup like others do, so maybe its ok to post that info. Better a person who knows Dell better can answer this for you.
    I will get the right page at intel for you, here it is:

    Now that page is as far as i can go. Its for your 865 chipset but then you have to plug in what os you are using and press go. If you are using win xp pro then plug that in and it will go to another page.
    If you need help from there let us know and we will help you. My current mobo is a NEO2 and i believe its the same chipset, 865.

    For dell, i was thinking, if you want, email me with your dell info and i will then go and find the page and email it back to you!
  4. IIIVladIII

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    Thanks for your quick reply :)

    I already visited the Dell and Intel sites before posting here, so let me give you some more details about my quest for a few simple drivers....
    I got as far as installing the INF update Utility from the Intel site, but I don't know what to do with it, altough I did read the description... hell, I even don't know if I should have installed it. Btw, I am doing this because I am trying to fix a major bluescreen crash whilst playing Battlefield 2, and in another post someone advises to update the mobo drivers. Dell Support does not have drivers for my mobo. You can download all sorts of drivers there, but I couldnt find the ones I need. My mobo is Intel anyways, so I figured I should start looking there.

    In short: I did visit the Dell site and Intel site and tried to download stuff, but I did not manage to find drivers I need or the information on how to get and install them. Maybe I overlooked something, I just don't know. I know it sounds stupid :monkey:but that's why I am looking for a step by step guide :blush:

    My Motherboard specs (acquired with the the program CPU-Z):

    Manufacturer: Dell Computer Corp.
    Model: OF4491
    Chipset: Intel i865P/PE/g/i848P Rev.: A2
    Southbridge: Intel 82801EB (ICH5)

  5. iss

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    The inf files are what tells the components on your Mobo how to operate. unless you are having a problem you should not need to load updated inf files.

    the other drives for the mobo would be for any onboard devices like onboard lan, onboard sound etc.
  6. nork

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    Another thing, when i hear about freezing/crashing/bluescreens issues in games and the pc is a few years old then i automatically think of ps (power supply) issues. Just because the power supply is working doesnt mean its working properly. A lot of people solve gaming/freezing issues with a decent quality ps. Notice i didnt say high-quality. You dont have to pay much over $40US to $45US for a decent ps. Its just that the ps that comes with Dells, HP, and so on, are pretty cheap, good for a year or two at best, then they start to fail. Sooner or later they will bring the mobo with them, so best to replace.
    What you need to do are test the rails on your ps and see what results you get. You need a digital or analog multimeter, which can be bought cheaply these days at a hware store or big-box store.
    You can google a tutorial or i can provide one for you. You can get a real good one at
    But you need to test the 12 v rails and the others as well.
    Another way would be if you could borrow a decent power supply from someone, even pay a shop to rent one for a day.
    It wouldnt surprise me at all if a better ps solved all your problems.

    btw, those power supply testers you buy at bestbuy and compusa and other pc stores are worthless, so dont waste your money on them. They will ONLY tell you if the ps will start up. Problem is that lots of bad power supplies will still start up but they wont run a pc properly!
  7. IIIVladIII

    IIIVladIII TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks for the advice, I will certainly try it out. I hope you're not right because I paid about 1400 euro's for my PC...
  8. nork

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  9. IIIVladIII

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    It appears to be a problem with my graphics card, so Windows sais after the reboot. I updated the drivers for the graphics card, but that didn't help. I will issue an order to my private nerds of death to fix the problem. :cool:
  10. nork

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    See what i mean, you would be better off having to replace the power supply, lol. A vid card can cost a lot more!
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