How do you access muliple user accounts on XP?

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Feb 27, 2006
  1. I maintain a small lab at a middle school and I have a server (windows NT...bleh) in which I've setup multiple users (each with their own id and password) on one domain.....This is so all the students can access their personal file and they can save all of their work instead of carrying around a zip disk. The domain is set as "School_Lab" and it's pretty easy to setup on windows 2000. However, I have no clue how to setup the new computers that have windows XP...I haven't found a way so that each of the students can log in with their own id/password...Is there a way to do this on XP?? Thanks in advance.
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    After you setup a second user account you should get the welcome menu where you can chose your user account and enter your password. If you only setup one user account (not counting the administrator account) XP just auto logs you on. The administrator account is hidden from the welcome screen, you need to hit ctrl=>alt=>del twice to get the classic logon screen. If you go into control panel, user accounts, you can go to "change the way users logon or off" and remove the checkmark next to "use the welcome screen" you will get the classic logon screen like win 2k or nt4 where you enter username and password. Oh if you go to start run and type in control userpasswords2 you will get the user accounts gui like in 2k/nt4.
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    Also if you like to use WindowsXP joined to domain but still have welcome-screen with user icons I would advice to use Rohos Welcome.

    Also it support customization, USB flash drives to lock your windows.
    - it can display domained user account on the logon screen.

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    I'm still very much confused on this part. I know how to change the logon screen so that you can type in the user id/password but how do I access information that they've saved to their file? On 2000, you're able to type in the user name/password and right below both is another box where you can enter the domain....I don't see that on XP.
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    What file? Are you trying to setup a rooming profile?
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