How do you test a mobo?

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Jul 19, 2002
  1. To find out if it is shot? It's an Asus CUW-AM HP OEM board.
    With a known good CPU and ram it boots to the setup screen and stops without the option to press del to enter setup. No beeps. Have removed all drives and cards.
  2. Rick

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    Try resetting the CMOS. Consult your motherboard manual for further details.. But basically it invovles shorting out two pins on your motherboard using a jumper.
  3. Thunder

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    Thanks, it's a cheap OEM board, no jumpers or dip switches. I did remove the battery though.
  4. Vehementi

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    If POST never completes, the initial beep at start up signifies it is, than most likely the BIOS is corrupted, or there's a fried chip somewhere on the board. Both situations are very undesirable...If your BIOS is corrupted, and you can't boot up to flash your BIOS, you may need a new BIOS chip, which probably costs more than the board is worth. If there's a fried chip on your sysbo, then, well, your whole board is shot.

    This is all out of the assumption that resetting your CMOS (be sure to completely unplug your machine before removing the battery) didn't do any help. Post back with your progress! :)
  5. Tweakster

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    If your Bios is currupt there is a way of flashing it. offers flashs

    Heres how to hot swap
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