How much thermal grease to use?

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Jan 14, 2006
  1. I'm going to replace my cpu's heatsink and fan. I purchased some arctic silver 5, 3.5 grams, and would like to know if I use all of it on 1 cpu.

    XP 3200 idles at 51c or higher

    Adding a thermaltake extreme volvano 12.

    Any hints or tricks would be appreciated

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    absolutely not

    DO NOT use the whole thing, basically you want to cover the whole thing very lightly, and its even recommended then to take something like a credit card, and wipe it off. really you do not want the thermal paste/grease to do anything other than fill in small imperfections in the surface of the processor and heatsink.
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    Hi, I am sorry to jump in on your thread - I do apologise - but it is the only action I have figured out so far - How do I post a thread??!! Please if someone could help - it is probably really simple but hey - not for me??!!

    Thanks for the space but I have it sussed now - cheers
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    I've got an XP 2800+. Same size processor. I use the equivalent of half a grain of rice. Also, for such a small die, I've had success using a razor blade (like for an x-acto knife) to spread the arctic silver. You should look at their instructions on their site for good directions, though. That's the best advice.
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    just to add should be as thick as a peice of paper when done
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    you only need to apply thermal compound to the middle of the processor itself, and then squish the heatsink/fan unit, on which will spread the paste naturally. the only heat generated comes from the center of the CPU anyway so there's no need to really spread it close to the edges like a peanut butter sandwhich. and like the other posts say, a grain of rice is the usualy amount that we all use.
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    i spread it evenly paper thin across the whole cpu but grain of rice works to . if you are new to thermal paste and the likes i recomend using a silicon based heat sink compound or one that isnt conductive ( in case u make a mess less likely it will fry stuff )
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    Taking a - Thermal greasing

    Thanks everyone for the info. I have used tg before and applied as you all suggested but wanted to know from folks on this forum (btw the best I've ever used) to see if anyone had any tricks or techniques.

    **Being the manly man that I am, the last thing I would do is read the directions!

    Thanks again everyone for the input

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    I'd spread a small film acroos the processer. Be cerefull not to get any on the pins since artic silver is conductive.
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