how often should you shut down computer

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Oct 22, 2006
  1. is it okay to shut down computer every day or leave it running when not in use or 2x week? Thanks
  2. Ididmyc600

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    I would say that depends on how good the PC is, many modern PC's can be left running constantly, go to any high street shop in the UK and you will find their till's are all computers under the counter and these are rarely rebooted, I know I fix them for a living, I think the longest I ever saw one go without a reboot was about 4 months.

    As for shutting it down when finished for the day, that's OK as well, I know some of the older PC's suffered from being constantly turned on and off with components heating and then contracting leading to a failure, but time has improved PC build to the point where this doesn't happen.

    I use my laptop for about 6 hours a day and close it down when finished and it's suffered no ill effects for it.

  3. ouwedibbes

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    I recommend booting it now and then, because there are some programs who have memory leaks. I thought that rebooting cleares the pagefile, so any crappy software writtings to it will be flushed. Back in the days I had Win2K running for weeks without rebooting, but in the end it did affect system performance, and a reboot solved it.
  4. Ididmyc600

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    Yes I agree there, some programs do cause the PC to eventually lock up and crash, but rebooting doesn't clear the pagefile, although there is an option to do this under admin tools.

    At the end of the day its a case of do what you think is best...

  5. Harry_Beast

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    If you are running machines with video cards that have fans--I would turn off over night.I have fried both cards in both machines.They collected a pile of dust,stalled at some point--melt down.The one card fan completely siezed,the other ran intermittently and could not cool the card,causing game crashing!!
  6. sl33py

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    If you are experiencing any slow downs - give it a reboot before digging in too deep. This typically will fix a myriad of odd issues. I have my work pc running for 2+ weeks at a time - usually just because i have 30+ pages open and am not done reading through them. However sometimes it slows down and I have to reboot it.

    If you have a dirty environment - those will kill fans. Also if you have adequate cooling w/o large hairballs being sucked in it shouldn't be a problem killing your vid card. Tell the kitty to stop laying down in front of the pc! lol.

    For general usage and apps I say reboot once a week if you are using it every day. There really isn't a need to leave it running unless you will use it... Unless you vnc or remote into it...

    yata yata yata - you get the pic.


  7. wolfram

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    Yeah, turn it off. Give her a rest. Nothing bad will happen, even if you reboot it 15 times a day.
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