How to back up w2k.

By 3DD
Apr 29, 2003
  1. Hi people..................

    I have just clean installed w2k on my c: partition.
    I stupidly thought because my progs and apps were installed on D: partition i wouldn't have to do much.............. :blackeye:

    Well of course i have still had to reinstall progs like office/pub/gfx drivers etc etc. i had these located on D: partition but what did i do wrong?
    I didn't back up or could i have?

    1>Can someone explain to stupid me the advantage in backing up to another partition and how to do that?
    2> Also how to back up the correct info like "config info" so i will not have to reinstall again?

    I have searched this great site and found some info.......and of course been through the w2k help files and still clueless.

    many many thanks.
  2. Elros

    Elros TS Rookie Posts: 31

    You could use a tool such as Norton Ghost to image the C: drive when all your apps are installed. THen just keep this image on D:, to restore whenever/whereever. ;)

    This would probably be expensive though, although there might be open source equivilant apps on the market. (I don't know of any off the top of my head though). :)
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