How to burn .avi files?

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May 19, 2007
  1. Hi, I wanna burn some AVI files to a dvd, but whenever I use Nero, a 350mb file takes up about 3.5gb of space...? How can this happen? And how would I fit 4.5gigs of video files on a dvd so that I can view it on a dvd player?
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    this is not a direct answer..just a suggestion..
    it is easier to just buy avi (divx/xvid) capable dvd player so that you can simply burn the avi file directly to CDR or DVDR, considering it;s cheap price
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    I'm not sure why it expands that much, I'd expect just over half that size. In any case, the reason it blows up is because it has to be converted to mpeg2 which is huge compared to divx/xvid.

    You'll never get 4.5 gigs of video on a dvd unless it is 4.5 gigs of mpeg2 format.

    And I too would recommend picking up a dvd player that can handle divx/xvid naitively, they come in handy :) Plus the Philips ones are really cheap, you can get a basic progressive scan one for $42, and a 1080p upconverting one for less than $60.
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    Do ps2's read divx/xvid? I have a ps2, and a $300 Panasonic one...
  5. SNGX1275

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    Nope, not naitively at least. And I doubt your expensive Panasonic does either, generally the more expensive you go the less chance you have of reading divx, at least on players 1+ years old (last time I really looked).
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  7. tomrca

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    'total video converter'
    is good
  8. matt2971

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    Both the applications suggested need purchasing I think. A better freeware option is this:

    However, converting is usually a long tedious process, and you're never guaranteed that the end result will work on all DVD players.... good luck!
  9. ashfame

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    Yeah Consider buying a MPEG4 DVD Player, they are very cheap nowadays!!
    It would be very nice for you to just burn *.avi as it is & then view them on your dvd player, It will also save you much space so that you can fit multiple dvd rips on a single dvd!
  10. bobby123

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    Cucusoft is the way forward.
  11. matt2971

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    I can recommend the LG DR 175 DVR recorder. I've played plenty od DivX and XviD files on it without any problems...
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