How to change "order" of video cards?

By oldmobie
Jul 30, 2006
  1. I wanted to upgrade to dual monitor support, but as I'm cheap and broke, I salvaged an old video card out of a Win95 machine. It plugs into a pci slot, and Windows (98se) designated it monitor 1.

    At first Windows ignored my existing video card, a Radeon 9000. I was finally able to designate it monitor 2. It plugs into a different kind of port. Maybe AGP?

    Now a few programs that are sensitive to minimum display settings, and automatically open on monitor 1 (Jnes, GameMaker) just display an error and then close.

    Is it possible to re-designate these display adaptors so the nicer, newer card can become monitor 1, or the "default" monitor?
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