How to change Service Tag on modern Dell laptop?

By alexzu ยท 35 replies
Jan 31, 2005
  1. Hi !
    Can you help me to change new service tag which came with new replacement motherboard to my old one, which came with my laptop.
    I know that it's possible to do with some utilities. Svctag.exe doesn't work, may be wrong version or because laptop relatively new. Did try "short pin" method - not working.
    Help me please and thank you in advance.
  2. zephead

    zephead TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,569

    this is a new one. i work on dells all the time but have never had to mess with the service tag. i'm not sure you'll need to do this.
  3. alexzu

    alexzu TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Any real help, please ?!

    I have to put an old one, to sell this stupid Dell laptop.
    Dell is sucks !
  4. magwan

    magwan TS Rookie

    I need to do this also...

    I to need to do this.

    I rebuilt my laptop using a CD that came with an optiplex desktop as I have misplaced the original. Now when I go to DELL online to get updates etc when it searches for my Service Tag it gets a different tag that relates to an Optiplex Desktop.

    If anyone knows how to do this that would be very helpful.

    I know engineers have a utility to do this as I've seen them install service tags for mother board replacements.

  5. zephead

    zephead TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,569

    i advise looking up your computer manually to access the desired information.
  6. magwan

    magwan TS Rookie

  7. Sicorius

    Sicorius TS Rookie

    This is good if you can boot into DOS somehow. I am on a network and the laptop does not support USB thumb drive boot and does not have a floppy drive. Does anyone know of anyway to replace a service tag number in the bios using a windows utility of somekind? Thank you for you help.
  8. nal

    nal TS Rookie

  9. douweit

    douweit TS Rookie

    Hello, I also need to change the service tag and downloaded the file NAL suggested but was unsure how to utilize it. I would appreciate any help. Thanks.
  10. Paragon33

    Paragon33 TS Rookie

    Service Tag change.

    You need to use SVCTAG.EXE and this software is updated frequently by Dell to cover new models as they are released. I have the latest version, but the file is too large to be attached here. Contact me at the Email I use for this forum email removed
  11. nal

    nal TS Rookie

    Yea def listen and get help from paragon33 he is who I got mine from and is a great guy. Thanks for stoping by and helping Paragon33, Just trying to repay the help you gave me by spreading it around too :)
  12. Paragon33

    Paragon33 TS Rookie


    Have at it, Lad. Pass it on as you see fit. The stuff I send was not mine to start and I have no proprietory interest in it, so any one is free to pass it on. The "paper clip"Doc came from a website where it was a freeware download, the DST software is from Dell Disks not readily available to the public, and a few Text files, pics from me and other users are the balance. The other thread where I posted about Passwords and Service Tags is now closed down by the moderators because of its very large size.
  13. howard_hopkinso

    howard_hopkinso TS Rookie Posts: 24,177   +19

    Yes mate it has been closed. However, please feel free to open a new thread if you think it`s necessary.

    Regards Howard :)
  14. Paragon33

    Paragon33 TS Rookie

    Nal, The version of Service Tag Software may be an older one. When I first started spreading the software around, the EE-CPB file version for the later Dell Models was at version 4.5. I started getting complaints that it would error out on very late models; I managed to acquire a later version 5.1 on a Dell Techs' CD plus added files and updated my file. If you need that later version for the website you are using, send me an email
  15. Clint1990

    Clint1990 TS Rookie

    Sysbrd Ser #

    Can somebody please tell me if each system board has a unique serial number that is coded into the board?

    It is in the Bios, but was wondering where it comes from. Is it purely coded or is it hardware?

    This is on Dell desktop units

    I'm wondering if there are browser pages that pull this information when you post or download. It would seem that if you are a registered owner with Dell, they can not only identify your isp, but also who the computer is registered to.

    Does anyone know if Dell shares this information with the government?

    Does anyone know how this bios information can be shielded from network traffic?

    Dell does not tell people about this information, but it is easy to find.
  16. Coolmatt

    Coolmatt TS Rookie Posts: 66

    Peel the service tag sticker from the one laptop to the other. Problem solved.
  17. nal

    nal TS Rookie

    Ok Dell puts the serial number in the eeprom and on a sticker on the desktop or laptop itself. The way dell knows what your serial number is is a program called eeprom reader that they install on all new dells. if you remove that progam, erase the eeprom and remove the sticker. No one can tell what the old serial was. Now some say they can find out by your mac address. This is true and not true. If you connect with the modem it is true, but if you connect via cable modem or router the only mac address that touches the net is the one from the cable modem or the router. No mac from the computer will pass from the router. If anyone has more info for him please fell free to post it.
  18. adeola

    adeola TS Rookie

    hi guys,
    im new to this forum but i really need some help here, i bought this dell latitude d610, need to change the asset and ownership tags, any ideas?
  19. Paragon33

    Paragon33 TS Rookie

    Dell has the above program for download as part of their Suspend to Disk software for older models using W98. is a separate application on the diskette the download makes. To change an Asset tag you 1st delete the present one with the command asset /d and then reset the one you want with the command asset ******* Note the spaces; they will not work without them.
    To erase the Owner's Tag, use the command asset /o /d
    To set one, use the command asset /o ****** ++++++
  20. tech711

    tech711 TS Rookie

    SVCTAG error message on d610

    i have an older version of the svctag and am getting an ee*** error 0
    and in the line above it says " I know what i am" " what are you" or something like that. I hope your version of 5.1 will help. I am working on a D610
  21. Paragon33

    Paragon33 TS Rookie

    Yeah, that's what it is. Along with a later version of EE-CPB.exe, the SVCTAG.EX software is also a later version, plus 2 additional files SERTAG.EXE and STAG.EXE, and the .inf file has additional motherboard support identifiers. The one I have now still has the EE-CPB 5.1, but SVCTAG.EXE is now 3.4 and the .inf file has a couple more late M'boards added. I can not send it through this forum, but I am sending you my email by private message and will do so there.
  22. sl33py

    sl33py TS Rookie

    i PM'd paragon33 to see if i can get this as well. Anyone had any luck changing the asset w/ the one from dell? The one i d/l did not work.


  23. Paragon33

    Paragon33 TS Rookie


    I answered your PM. That Dell D/L is for a Dimension 4500: it does not work with laptops as the board identifiers are not in the .inf file. The one I have is for laptops only and has worked with very late model laptops
  24. sl33py

    sl33py TS Rookie

    Sorry to pull up an old thread. Thanks Paragon33! I shot you another PM - hope you don't mind me bugging you. I can't find this ANYWHERE! Found all sorts of other cool utilities along the way - so not all is lost yet.

    Also Book'd your website on the p/w recovery - great info!

  25. tech711

    tech711 TS Rookie

    being new i might have replied the wrong way before to your PM and your response. but email removed
    is my email address. still need it if it is possible to get it thanks

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