how to check faulty mobo & graphic card?

By JasJas
Jun 12, 2007
  1. hiya,

    putting this way,half a year ago when i took my cpu back to the shop for servicing - they claimed that there was something wrong with my mobo and have to sent back to factory for warrenty (repairing) and till today i m doubt something wrong with it after getting back from them....

    is there any software or programe to check the mobo or graphic card's condition?


    edit: i think i put in a wrong section and if it is, i m really sorry coz i m just new to here
  2. Tedster

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    You can test RAM with memtest 86+
    A motherboard is difficult to diagnose at home. If something isn't working and you suspect hardware, you swap parts until you isolate the broken item.
    What did they say was wrong?

    Please don't apologize when posting - it's annoying.
  3. JasJas

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    they said something like overheating....causing system unstable...
    how about graphic card?
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