How to connect 2 pc's via USB

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Mar 1, 2002
  1. I have two PC's, one 98 and one 2000. Can I connect them via USB to transfer files, and if so, how? Do I need special hardware? Software?
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    Why wouldnt' you just put the harddrive that has the files you want on the other computer into the computer you want the files on, that would be the fastest possible way.
    Unless you wanted this a multiple event, rather than a 1 time thing.
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    USB network

    I have seen several MSI boards that come with USB network kits. Also there is a kit made by Buslink i think that allows you to make a network out of 2 computers. Can't remember the name of the kit. You can also get a small networking kit, that would offer greater speed than USB and cost very little, like under $75. Check your local computer store or office depot like store. I have seen several that are inexpensve
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    Re: USB network

    Some of MSI boards come with the USB PC2PC capability which enables you to use the USB port to xfer files. The OS just treats the USB port as another network device. I'm not sure whether you need to have another MSI mobo to xfer the files that way; doubt you need to .
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    IF you had an SB Audigy with the IEEE 1394 Firewire port you could do peer-to-peer with it. But if you don't then I have to agree with putting the harddrive into the computer you want to transfer files to and doing it that way.
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    Re: Re: USB network

    No you do not. The kit comes with the cables and software to connect two PC's....only the host has to be an MSI, it doesn't matter what the other one is.
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