How to disable windows firewall

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Oct 27, 2006
  1. Hi,

    Does anyone know how to disable windows firevall in regestry. (win xp)
    I have turned it off in control panel, but every once in a while it goes on by itself..

    I have spend hours on finding out what's preventing comunication with my computers, and in the end finding it's the firewall thats turned tiself on..

  2. Think carefully before disabling the firewall. Are you behind a router or are you running another personal firewall software? If so which?

    If you really need to disabled it then you should click the start menu and enter "services.msc" then scroll through the list to fin "Windows ICS / Firewall" service. Right click it and select properties. Set the startup type to disabled and click the stop button (to save you rebooting).

    You say that it's preventing communication with your computers? Do you mean that you are trying to configure file and print sharing on a LAN? If so then it's blocking file and print sharing. You should be able to allow this by going into the control panel, double clicking the windows firewall icon and changing the exception to allow File and Print sharing through. You'll have to similarly configure every PC, though if that one is the internet gateway (the DHCP server) then only it should be running the Windows ICS / Firewall service anyway..
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    My severs are in a closed network, so I see no danger with disabling the firewall.

    It causes problems when trying to dowload code to the soft PLC installed on the computers.
  4. Ok but be aware that disabling the Windows ICS / Firewall service also breaks the Computer Browser service which you need in order to use the "My Network Places" browser. If you find that it takes an age to view other computers on the LAN, then you'll need to re enable the Windows ICS Firewall service (set to automatic) and disable the firewall from the control panel (start -> run -> Firewall.cpl and disable it) This leaves the actual service running but stops the firewall. If you don't use "My Network Places" but instead use mapped drives and domain based file sharing, then you can leave it disabled. From services.msc you should also disable the Security Centre service to stop it from warning you that the firewall is off.

    If that fails then you can set a group policy to prevent the firewall from running.

    -Edit: google found this page:

    You can set the group policy following that guide.
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    Or save urself some trouble and install a free firewall like ZoneAlarm or Sunbelt Kerio.
  6. The whole point of this thread is that the OP doesn't want any firewall.


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    Oh, I forgot that he was on a closed server. Sorry!
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