How to dual boot 2 drives xp home and xp prof with bootmagic.

By Georgezx9
Feb 13, 2005
  1. Hi all.

    I have two 80 GB drives and want one with XP Home on it for my son and one with XP prof for me.

    I have boot magic and partition magic.

    Both drives are formatted as NTFS.

    Q1. Does is matter whether dip switches on the drives are set as slave or master.
    Q2. Both drives are on one IDE ribbon cable, does it matter which one is at the end? If I make an assumption I am currently booting off drive 1.

    I know I had to create a FAT32 partition on the "drive 1", which I have done, but I think it needs to be moved to the front.

    Q3. If I move it to the front, will the disk still boot, last thing I want is a dead computer.
    Q4. How do I move it and there any pitfalls.

    I assume I then install Bootmagic in the FAT32 partition.

    Q5. Is this right, or is there more.

    Drive 1 has XP home

    Q6. How do I install XP prof on drive 2, do I need to unplug drive 1 from the IDE cable and install to drive 2, reconnect and then boot from drive 1. Then run bootmagic to see both operating systems.

    Q7. Is there any way to prevent a drive and its operating system from accessing the other drive.

    Thanks in advance

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