How to eliminate a workgroup in XP?

By joemun ยท 4 replies
Jul 5, 2005
  1. I would like to know how to eliminate from my computers the workgroup created in windows XP.
  2. mikescorpio81

    mikescorpio81 TS Rookie Posts: 293

    I dont think u can ... but why would you want to?
    Isn't that the default Domain XP assigns to you when you first install?
    Are you talking about mycomputer/properties/computername - WORKGROUP?

    Create a DNS through Win server & join it once setup it u want!
  3. joemun

    joemun TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks Mike! but I'm talking about a workgroup I've created called Home to include 2 computers, but I don't know how there are 3 in it! So I want to erase that extra computer but I don't how...Thanks a bunch anyway!!!
  4. tdeg

    tdeg TS Rookie Posts: 119

    Do you have a wireless network?
  5. mikescorpio81

    mikescorpio81 TS Rookie Posts: 293

    Just wondering if you sorted out how to delete a pc from your workgroup yet? If you do a google search it helps! But I was just curious as to how you sorted it out (if u have that is!)

    Post it wheneva u can (if u can)! :grinthumb
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