How to figure out what mb i have?

By TurboHatch
Jan 6, 2005
  1. does anyone know how to figure out what type of motherboard i have by looking in the system somewhere? cus i dont know what kind of motherboard i have...i dont have software for it, and i think if i get agp drivers it might fix my problem with my wc3 and generals freezing in game play...please help....
  2. howard_hopkinso

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    The easiest way is to open your case and take a look at the mobo the model number is usually printed on the board inbetween the pci slots.

    You might also be able to see your mobo model on the boot up screen but you will have to be quite quick.

    Regards Howard :grinthumb
  3. TurboHatch

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    those are the only 2 ways? hmmm if so that'd be a little hard hehe....i also have some more questions...i have a powerstrip for my ati card...what do each of these commands do...they are enabled and disabled by check boxes, they are in exact order as seen on my guessing that opengl is used for games like first person shooter/counter-strike and direct3d is used for games like rpg style/warcraft first person shooter cs game is perfect...nothing wrong with it...but warcraft 3 freezes everytime i try to play...what differences would changing that stuff make...if u know anywhere i can find definitions for all of these phrases please let me know it'd be much appreciated

    -enable vertical sync [opengl]
    -disable 32-bit z buffer [opengl]
    -use triple buffering [opengl]
    -force full scene anti-aliasing [opengl]
    -enable trueform [opengl]
    -force anisotropic filtering [opengl]
    -disable vertical sync [direct3d]
    -force full scene anti-aliasing [direct3d]
    -disable 32-bit zbuffer
    -enable fast z buffer optimization [direct3d]
    -disable texture compression [direct3d]
    -enable trueform [direct3d]
    -disable hierarchical z optimization [direct3d]
    -enable fog table [direct3d]
    -enable surface color fill [direct3d]
    -force anisotropic filtering [direct3d]
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