how to find DVD r rw speeds

By village idiot
Oct 8, 2007
  1. Hello everyone!

    Please be nice to the village *****!:)

    I need to know how to find out at what speed(s) my computer's DVDs read and write/rewrite. How do I find this please?

    And, as an example, if I have an 8x, can I use 24x blank dvds? I want to buy DVDs so that I can record some videos onto them. Does the speed of the bought DVD matter?

    Dude, I have a Dell, XP w/service pack 2.

    Thanks a lot!!!
    the village *****
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    With regards to your question, if your dvd drive will write at 8x and you have a dvd that is capable of 16x, it will just write to the disc at 8x. Also, if you have a dvd drive that can write at 16x and a dvd that can be written at a maximum of 8x then it will write at 8x. If you want to find out the maximum write speeds of your drive then you can find out the model and look it up on the manufacturer's site or a website that sells it.

    You can find the model by right clicking on my computer and clicking properties. Then go onto the Hardware tab and click on Device manager. Find a section called DVD/CD ROM Drives and expand it by clicking on the plus next to it. There it will have listed all your optical drives :)
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