How To Fix Corrupted Files

By cdeep1
Jan 31, 2005
  1. Hopefully someone can help me out here :confused:

    I have two HD on my system. An 80GB and a 200GB. My 80GB was partitioned into three sections. Since I was running out of room on the system portion I wanted to reformat it and start over. I moved the "My Documents" folder with all my good stuff on it folder over to my 200GB and reinstalled windows XP etc on the 80GB. Got windows running (eventually) but the folder that i moved over to the 200gb was not reconizable after i did all this. I rebooted and chk disk ran automatically. It found all these files and said something to the effect of "Restoring Orpahned files to folder 41258 etc etc". It ran through this for about 1/2 hr. After it finished booting I was able to see all the files and folders on the 200GB. The problem is now, that some of them dont work and some of them do. Also changed the 80GB from FAT32 to NTFS.

    Can anyone help me?
  2. Rick

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    I think you might be out of luck on this one. :(

    Once your data gets scrambled like that, there's nothing you can do to fix it that I am aware of. CHKDSK saw problems with your file system and fixed those problems. So now that your file system is working OK again, what's left over is permanent.

    You can corrupt the honest, but never make honest the corrupt...

    Oh, I mentioned in your other thread that it may be possible to restore older versions of the corrupted files. While the file itself is probably lost, sometimes y ou get copies of the same file hidden in the drive data. This is especially possible if you have copied the files at one to point to another folder etc.. And is worth looking at it.
  3. cdeep1

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    Thanks for the advice on this one. I was afraid of that. I tried a few data recover software programs. Recovermyfiles found some of the old stuff on my C drive but the same items were corrupted. Odd. I read on Microsoft that excel has a repair add-in that supposedly will fix damaged files. My other problem there is that the office CD I have has a huge scratch in that I didnt notice until after I started this whole thing. Woe is me. I tried XLS regenerator too and it couldnt fix them, but it was only the trial version. I got a copy of office coming, I will try their utility then. If that doesnt work, I have learned a valuable lesson I suppose.

  4. Samstoned

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    I have seen this problem before
    using W2K and XP I get set to exit out when loading a forign hard drive to my system,this will stop chdsk:warning is very quick you don't have more than a coupla secs to hit the key
    doesn't always happen ,but system after boot sees files and thinks are broken and tries to fix them Ha kiss'em goodby
    I lost all my nephews wedding pics that way
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