How to Format a PC Win XP

By jhules
Jul 2, 2007
  1. Sir/ Ma'am..

    i need a little help here..
    can you give me the instruction how to format PC Win XP..


    coz everytime i turn on my PC this what appear
    Searching for Boot Record from IDE-0 ..Not Found
    Searching for Boot Record from SCSI ..Not Found

    Boot Failure
    Rebbot ans Select proper Boot Device
    or Insert Boot Media in Selected Boot device
    Press any key when ready
    i want to reformat it..
    but i dont know why..

    Please help me..


    God Bless and More Power Tech Spot
  2. jcriver442

    jcriver442 TS Rookie Posts: 35

    you dont need to reinstall windows.first try to repair the boot sector.Put your windows xp disc in drive.set to boot from disc.after it loads you will get a choice to install,repair or repair when the black screen with a c promtp type help and list of option will come up select the one for fixing boot up.not sure of the wording.I just had a problem like that after partioning the drive.XP would not boot so I fixed it in repair console.If that does not work foor you just boot from the dics again and reinstall XP from there.Hope this helps.
  3. Alex.A

    Alex.A TS Rookie Posts: 68

    HERE you can read and inform yourself about reformatting your PC. There you have all the details needed.
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