How to get the most out of my SATA drive.

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Dec 4, 2005
  1. Hello guys im new to this forum. I'm also new to the new 10,000RPM SATA hardrives out there now. I just purchased a new motherboard, cpu and a 10,000RPM hardrive and wanted to know what I could do to get the most out of it. Is there any changes I should make to my motherboard BIOS settings? I noticed that on my friends computer his O/S loads alot faster than mine and we both have almost the same specs. Any tips would be great. Thanks in advanced.
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    Your biggest bottlenecks are the drive's platter read speed and the filesystem. There is nothing you can do about the first one and the second can be optimised with sensible partitioning and defragmentation.
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    It is my experience that O/S bootup speed is also influenced by the amount of software u have installed, and the amount of drivers that have to be loaded on boot.
    U can also tweak several features in Windows itself to improve O/S performance. Try TuneUp Utilities for tuning Windows performance. It also has a StartUp manager that displays detailed information on all programs that are executed at boot and u can switch off those that you don't need at boot (program will advise you if it's safe to turn off a program or not).

    For defragging I use PerfectDisk.

    EDIT: If your new mobo has a RAID controller, but you are not going to setup a RAID, make sure the controller is set to SATA mode in the BIOS. If that option is available.
    On my mobo (Asus P5AD2 Premium) it improved my HD seek times.
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    Aezel, it gives me two options; IDE or RAID mode under a menu that says SATA MODE:... So which should I put it on?
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    That sounds like an IDE raid controller. (Which is different from a SATA raid controller. Check your mobo manual or manufacturer website to verify.
    If it is an IDE raid controller and u are not setting up a raid array then keep it at IDE mode.

    If the BIOS doesn't report a SATA raid controller then it's probably not on your mobo. I guess you have a normal SATA controller which sets itself to SATA mode automatically.
    Hope this helps :).
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  7. Aezel

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    Your SATA and IDE controllers are both integrated into your mobo's central Chipset. There's an additional manual on setting up SATA drives on your mobo, available for download here (.pdf).
    Also, the latest update for your BIOS sets the default setting for OnChip SATA mode to IDE mode.

    So set it to IDE mode since you are not setting up a RAID array.
  8. EspoMan

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    Thanks bro.
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