How to install all of Windows XP on a USB flash drive

By Eric Legge
Feb 17, 2006
  1. An ideal way of recovering Windows XP would be if you could run a complete copy of it from a USB flash drive. The following free tutorial tells you how to do it.

    "WinUSB is a tutorial which allows the user to run a complete Windows XP version on an USB device/stick. This tutorial is some kind of manual which you have to follow, in order to let your modified Windows XP run on your USB device. Therefor you have to regard some requirerments which are also important to the avoidance of any infringment of the copyright of microsoft. You only have to click on the tutorial menu-button in order to read more...

    "Copyright advice: "The following tutorial requires a valid licenced copy of Windows XP. Microsoft does not authorize the owners of Windows XP licences to run the licensed Windows version on more than one computer at a time. The registration of Windows XP also prevents running Windows XP on multiple systems. Due to that, you are allowed to use your licenced copy of Windows XP on only one computer. That does not prevent the use of WinUSB on another computer after shutting down the first system." -
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    Thanks Eric Legge,that`s useful information.
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