how-to install AMD heatsink ?

By Eyreel
Mar 12, 2005
  1. fitted the amd perfect, the heatsink/fan had a square of thermal stuff already fitted, so no probs there....put it on top, fitted one side of the clasp/retention and the other side.....BUT the little handle wont click down to fix it into place :S and i dont want to force it in case i break my spankingly new amd
  2. fishhookz

    fishhookz TS Rookie Posts: 79

    What kind of CPU? Athlon, Duron, A64...

    If you got the fan with the CPU, you should've gotten the install guide, along with certification & a AMD sticker.
  3. jt713

    jt713 TS Rookie

    I just built something similiar from Tiger direct. Make sure no thermal stuff is running off the center die on the the circuit board of the CPU. A slight slight amount is no biggy off the edges. The die is metal looking and the circuit board is green if it is a Athon. Use rubbing alcohol to clean off thermal stuff if it gets on the ciruit board of the CPU. Make sure the die in the center is covered with the thermal stuff. I put too much on and had to clean the heat sink off and touch up the cpu around the die a little with a lint free cloth.

    I know.......... It took me 10 minutes to gather the strength to force it, but I think you have to. I did it. The silver metal clamp is gonna bend. I hope for ya. It is the only way to get it on. It is suppose to be real, real tight, and sung so the heat transfers I guess. I did it and the system runs great.
  4. satchmo

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    I know, the amount of force required to clamp down the heatsink to the CPU is scary. But it's comparable to sticking a card into a PCI slot. It's more scary because it's the CPU, which just seems to be more delicate.

    But if you read the instruction carefully and understood the direction, you shouldn't do any harm by using the force. Just make sure that you don't go to the Dark Side and join the Sith Lords.
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