How to Install an 80mm case fan?

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Jun 12, 2002
  1. I just bought this new AOpen H600A case.

    I also bought a Coolermaster 80mm fan with heat sensor. I have sucessfully fitted this in the front "chassis fan" space between the 3.5" bays.

    I just wondered, the case did not come with an optional fan holder/cage, thus the fan is installed but open to anything that could get caught in it.

    Do i preferably either need to get a 'fan guard' like this or see about getting the optional fan holder/cage?

    I think ideally the answer is the 'fan guard' and when I get a new 80mm fan for the back of the case in addition to the one that was pre-installed by AOpen, I could think about getting one like this from Enermax here - here that is already fan guarded up as it were.
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  4. Snowy Commando

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    Noisy Fans - CPU, PSU, Case etc.

    My friend tells me that his overall case noise is quiet enough to sleep with. I know that my case emitts a constant hum that is too noticable to sleep at night with. I open my case after a while to find layers of dust build-up, especially in and around the fans. I realised that my GF2 fan was the main source of a 'grinding' noise because i temporarily stopped it with my finger and case was quieter.

    1.) - What would be the proper way to clean a ball bearing component fan?

    2.) - Is it enough to simply brush the dust build off the fan fins?

    3.) - Does it require oiling/lubrication?
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    1.) No
    2.) Yes
    3.) No
  6. Snowy Commando

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    According to this article, it is not enough to simply brush the dust off because dust is not the cause of the 'grinding' noise.
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    Re: Noisy Fans - CPU, PSU, Case etc.

  8. uncleel

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    Your "Freakin' Tweakin' resource" is written by a bunch of fools.
    read verbatim;
    A "specialty lubricant" IS required for the velocity of the unit being lubricated. Common 5W-30 motor oil, or a "chassis grease" (made for lower rpm, heavy load) are totally the wrong lubricant.

    Most of these lil' vid-card fans are "brushless" or "sealed units" you are neither going to lubricate or clean out these type of fans. Actually easier "$" wise to replace them.

    Chances are, if there's a grinding noise, it's past saving w/ a lube job. Too risky to have the lubricant leak all over your moterboard.

    Brush or vacuum is preferred over compressed air, as many fans are destroyed by improper use.
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    I'm not familiar with that case. I think the only wires that would be a problem are the front panel connections to the motherboard. You could just Ty-Wrap them out of the way. I don't have any internal fan guards. Never had problems except for the occasional finger, ouch!
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    Re: Re: How to Install an 80mm case fan?

    Heatsink 5000 RPM's:$30

  11. Snowy Commando

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    I think those coolermaster one I mentioned are not very good as main case fans as they never seem to get up to 2500RPM max for the most part as the heat sensor doesn't sense the ambient temp as "hot enough" to run the fan faster.

    I'm better off using those fans as "window fans" on internal sides of case and getting some fixed 2500-3000rpm case fans for main places like behind cpu and front bottom of case.
  12. tweakboy

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    Many ways you can do this, Just make sure its getting some air from outside to intake into case,,

    exhaust fan is also a must,

    Remember your temps go up as the temp in your room goes up,,

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    This thread is well over 4 years old :p

    Please check the date of threads before posting. Thanks.

    Regards Howard :)
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