How to install Windows 10 ignoring a certain amount of damaged RAM

Hi guys,

I hope someone can help me. I have an out of warranty Asus K550V laptop with Windows 10X64 Pro. This laptop comes with 8GB DDR4 RAM module soldered on the mainboard and one free socket for putting in another 8GB module. The soldered module has a lot of scattered damaged cells and this is, obviously, causing a lot of troubles (blue screens) that have corrupted the o. s. and I cannot even reinstall Windows because installation process fails because of the damaged ram. Now, I cannot afford to buy a new computer or do a repair (Asus tells me that the soldered ram has not lifetime warranty) and I need it for my job. A friend of mine gave me a perfect working 8GB DDR4 RAM module that I can put in the free socket: my question is: is there any way to tell to Windows installer to ignore RAM from 0 to 8GB and never use it (since the damaged cells are spread in a non-homogeneous manner, it is better to ignore completely the entire soldered module), so that the system can use just the good RAM module? There is something analog for Linux but I'd like to use Windows.


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Sorry, no magic wand. Possibly you spilled a coke on it? If recent, you might extract the motherboard and check this:

Do you have at least a backup of your data? If not consider think about 'getting your stuff' - remove your storage drive and use it as a secondary drive on another machine.

If broke, consider source of "new" used machine.
- eBay
- Craigslist
- local Goodwill

Used Dell & Lenovo business machines are quite cheap as they come off lease. Desktops are cheaper than laptops and generally more reliable.