How to Open .HEIC iPhone Photos in Windows


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lol... no... I suspect they'd be able to negotiate a far cheaper rate considering the monopoly they hold over desktop/laptop devices...

And again, simply adding a few cents to the cost of Windows would cover it...
How exactly does "adding a few cents to the cost" help with the already existing billion plus installs of Windows 10 out there?

Not to mention how many of these Windows 10 machines are free upgrades from Windows 7 and can still be upgraded to Windows 11, so potentially not getting any money from these users in a long time.

They don't NEED to do anything... they have a monopoly... but Windows can open plenty of image formats that aren't "Windows Image Formats"... why not HEIC?
Because when Windows 10 was developed and launched HEIC wasn't prevalent enough to interest Microsoft in making a deal to license the extension then, and apparently they still aren't interested in licensing it for their OS as most people can get along just fine without it or if they absolutely do need it will pay to use it natively without a third party application. Which could also come down to the fact that Windows 10 was offered as free upgrade, any existing format licensing was merely carried over from Windows 7 and will likely be carried over to Windows 11.

However as you've already said, they simply don't need to do anything, which when it comes to business, doing something that cost money versus doing nothing at all and getting along just fine without spending money, usually the not spending money method will be taken.