how to play in lan

By mittu
Jul 20, 2005
  1. hi, my computer is on lan, with many other computers in my vicinity, this is how i use my internet my server- cleint connection. so by dos n other softwares i can see other people on my lan n many of them r my freinds. now i want to play a game on lan with them like unreal tournament n NFS underground. i dont know how to do it??
  2. harrisdurrani

    harrisdurrani TS Enthusiast Posts: 159

    well from what i see is that your Local area Network is already Configured. If you can pick up files from other computers and vice versa i think your fine ..
    all you gotta do is find any server in the game you want to play in the multiplayer option and go to lan....and join in.......

    or if u have any other problems please state them....Can you see unreal servers when u wana play ??
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